Tokyo Ghoul: Re Season 2 Anime Doesn’t Care About YOU.

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  1. I recorded this before they actually dropped the trailer for Season 2, still doesn’t change how I feel.

    Love you.

  2. Already read the manga just going to watch it because I like Tokyo ghoul

  3. I pray that there will one day be a Tokyo ghoul remake by a new studio


    Chapter 125 probably won’t get added and touka is going to get pregnant out of nowhere in the anime. Like don’t even add rize at the end of the final episode she was only in one chapter and there was no conversation between her and kaneki

  5. So far the only good news about the next Season is that TK will perform the Op, and I think that most likely they won’t add the Clown Raid.

  6. Of course they don’t care about us, because number 1 look at the number of episodes number 2 take a better look at animation quality. Very disappointed

  7. What is this monstrosity! They are spoiling Ishida hard work on those who haven’t read the manga yet and watches the anime, poor people they are getting a complete shit plot that will spoil a really amazing story

  8. I wonder just who is the target audience for this show. Manga readers? Most of them felt greatly disappointed as Ishida’s rough ride rushed them through the story, dropping plot points and character development as it progressed. Then the first season of anime started and increased the pace even further. So… Perhaps people new to the series/those who are already familiar with the first anime? Not really, seeing how put off some of them were by the first episode. Yes, the transition was similar in the manga, but what works in one media doesn’t necessarily work out for the another. Despite the suffering that it induced to the author, I still enjoyed the story for what it was. I’m concerned whether the same will hold true for what’s to come…

  9. This is why i don’t support perriot.

  10. 125 chapters in 12 episodes = Trash. OST will be dope.

  11. At this point I just hope the intro/music/ the animation of the fighting parts are good lol I dont expect much tbh I just want more good music / some cool fighting parts

  12. I mean if was 24 eps i would have forgiven the anime but as it 12 eps it gonna be a mess.

  13. Isida: Tokyo Ghoul is a Physcological series
    Perriot: Tokyo Ghoul is a tipical shonen series
    Why are they destroying such a great series.

  14. I fear what they’ll do with the kaneki vs arima fight.

    And mutsuki’s character.

  15. i like the way you say manga

  16. Just read manga already ! For Anime Viewers ! (Or maybe Anime Watchers). In the end of anime, You will fill with all kind of curiosity. At least, Ishida already fill all of yours question & curiosity.

    (P.S : I’m kinda want ishida make an alternate ending in anime. So the anime viewers will read a manga for a good ending. Just like he said in his afterword )

    Please like this comment if you like my idea

  17. Of course it doesn’t.

  18. My problem ain’t even the fact that they “spoiled” us cus I read the manga my problem is…

    How.. is there any evidence of dragon to spoil in season two of tg:re when it’s….

    *cough cough* ONLY 12 EPISODES! That’s like almost 200 chapters or so… in 12 episodes… I’m done

  19. It’s same the for me. Can’t wait for new OST, especially OPs and EDs, to listen to while re-reading the manga, other than that. Sweet Lawd Jez0s kill it with fire…

  20. This truly hurts me inside

  21. In an alternate universe, the anime is actually good except for the soundtrack which is played with Kazoos

  22. Well at least it will be funny to see them try…

  23. Berserk suffers from the same problem………

  24. Shit on it hard!

  25. What is this pain I’m feeling right now…? Oh it’s the pain of seeing one of my favorite series being butchered and trashed! Even so, I have to see it though to the end. It’s pretty sad that this series couldn’t get the big time love some other series have received and get adapted properly…