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  3. 1:22 I was doing it before I even started watching Tokyo ghoul

  4. Hear is one my meme

    Me:Dont eat while watching toky ghoul

    Idiot:why not (starts eating)
    (See kaneki eating human)

    Idiot: scen from first ep when kaneki throw up)

    Me : i told you

  5. Would appreciate if you stopped using “thicc” in your thumbnails, really makes me cringe

  6. 1:22 I’m not going to lie after Tokyo Ghoul I started doing that and I still haven’t stopped

  7. Love u vids

  8. *Cracking fingers intensifies*

  9. I’m beginning to get annoyed about the same music played over and over in every video

  10. Cracking your fingers like that isn’t that hard.

  11. For me the most tragic i ever watched was re:zero its only my opinion tho and taboo tattoo

  12. 5:03 that was me when i think i will got tetanus.

  13. Please make more meme of Tokyo ghoul

  14. At 2:06 I was like that

  15. what means thicc?

  16. 800th like

  17. Tokyo Ghpuls opening aint an opening its an ABSOULUTLEY MASTERPIECE

  18. After watching Tokyo ghoul, I actual crack my fingers like that now… I’m cool now right? RIGHT!?

  19. I prefer AYAKANE but i like touka and kaneki to……. a little bit……. WHAT!? i watch to much anime and go on WATTPAD alot ……. there’s no such thing. But still i liked and subscribe *whisper* i watch to much anime and read Alot of FANFICTS of kaneki and ayato pfft efff you mom.*done whispering* But keep up the good work its amazing.

  20. The Strength test:
    Judge: okay people let’s meet the contestants and how they got here
    Contestant 1#: I lifted up a whole car
    Contestant 2#:I lifted up a whole house
    Me: I ate hotdogs with ketchup while watching Tokyo Ghoul
    Audience: Dang,He So STRONG!,!!!

  21. I could pop my knuckles like that before it was cool…

  22. When I looked on the right of the thumbnail, I saw myself because after I watched Tokyo ghoul, I started cracking my knuckles like that

  23. I think that was the worst date ever, too. I mean… Ur date tryed to eat you xD

  24. can’t even lie Tokyo ghoul stabs you in the feels over and over again

  25. AHHH!! The sadness is coming back from the memories!!

  26. Sexual thumbnails bro I’m reporting

  27. 1:18 I’m pretty sure everyone including me tryed doing that

  28. 2:54 when you know that really happens in Tokyo Ghoul re