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  1. Read from chater 58 (last part of ep 12 TG:re S1) up to chapter 68.
    They skipped quite a lot of epic scenes, character development & also
    the first 3 mins of the episode was the whole rue island arc rushed.
    BTW rue island & the hinami’s rescue arc happen at the same time in the manga.

    *And yes, watch an episode then read the manga up to where the episode left*

  2. So sad to see this treatment to such an entertaining manga, oh well. Let’s just keep watching the hype train burning.

  3. 120 chapters in 12 episodes, that’s 10 chapters per episode, yikes, this has to be the worst adaptation I’ve ever seen
    The sad thing is that they are even rushing the best arc in the manga and from the looks of it they are trying to adapt it in 2 episodes or 3 max

  4. This season is about to give the best “read the manga instead” message of all times

  5. Did you forget that she was always a ghoul? Her dad was the original owl, so she’s a half ghoul but unlike ken, she’s a natural one.

    I’m just asking since you were speaking like she became one or that she wasn’t always one.

  6. Sadly, a lot of important information has been skipped…. and i mean A LOT.

  7. holy fuk what a mess. they skipped sooooooooooooooooooooooo much to get to this point. tokyo ghoul re is the only manga i’ve read in several years, it makes me sad to see it like this 🙁

  8. It is worth a reread, really interesting stuff, read it along with the episodes!