As I said before, I came back with a new Tokyo Ghoul cover song. With my proud Friedrich and guitarist ‘Wee’ and a new guest, Ollie, we have infused new life of this song with different interpretation. I personally super satisfied with the result, so I would love to call it ultimate metal version. I hope you enjoy it too and let me know what you think!

Available Soon!

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Available Soon!

Available Soon!

Siegfried Song (Symmetric Chaos, South Korea) – Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Video Editing
‘WEE’ SungHun (MuTrickster, South Korea) – Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Friedrich Habetler (FH Music, Austria) – Producing, Mixing, Mastering
Ollie Bernstein (Illusion Force, USA) – Bass Guitars

[Siegfried Song]…

[Friedrich Habetler]…

[‘WEE’ SungHun]

#tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulre #TK #metal #凛として時雨


  1. I can’t understand a word and have no ties to the source material, but this is really awesome 🙂

  2. The video turned out great! 😀 Awesome work guys!

  3. 진짜 ㅁㅊ다…

  4. 지겨줍니다 !!

  5. Is that your favorite shirt