All Tokyo Ghoul Characters Ranked from youngest to oldest. This list is up to date with Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Episode English Sub Full Episode and Tokyo Ghoul Manga Chapter 125 Full Chapter.

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Tokyo Ghoul Power Levels are all fan made and original, based on DBZ official power levels from the databooks, manga, anime and the daizenshuu guidebooks.

Video is up to date with:
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 English Sub Full Episode
Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 English Sub Full Episode
Dragon Ball Super Episode 2018 Movie Preview and Spoilers

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  1. Random question
    Which better is better?
    Amon or Arima?
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    Comment if Amon

  2. Keneki looks so happy in end of series

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  8. NANI!?saiko have 20 years?wtf

  9. Hide is the same age as ken

  10. Power level of evil dragon

  11. Wait so ur saying if arima is 29 in his battle with black/white haired kaneki he says he’s been killing ghouls for 18 years so he would be 12 or around that age when he started?!?

  12. Do a gohan vs boruto power levels over the year’s
    Like if u agree

  13. madara vs takizawa

  14. Arimas 36

  15. Just Saying. Most Ages Are Wrong.

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  17. Made the same video but with power levels

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    Make to Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill in power level pls?

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  20. Arima kishou (2n battle with kaneki with weapons unbreankable) > Superman cosmic armor

  21. Arima 70 years ( Arima vs Kaneki Ultimate Fight)

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  25. frist

  26. Wait in BoS Touka was 14, and Kaneki was 18. Then somehow when they are older, Kaneki is 28-29 and Touka is 27 at the same time????? WOT

  27. Hinami’s 13? I expected to be 7/8 when I first read it.

  28. I would say Arima alot older due to rapid aging

  29. Banjo…..Hold up…..Its my guy from banjo koozie.

  30. Kaneki 29 years old but stll has the body of a 17 year old