-TV ANIMATION Tokyo Ghoul:re Original Soundtrack
-Tokyo Ghoul:re OST
-Symphonic TG:Re Ost

-Track: Mvt. 9 “Tokyo Ghoul” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)
Mvt. 4 “Licht und Schatten I” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)
Mvt. 13 “Licht und Schatten II” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)
Mvt. 5 “Schmetterling” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)
“Schmetterling” (Piano Version)

-Music by Yutaka Yamada

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-Copyright info – Be aware this video is only for promotion purposes.
All images and music belongs to their rightful creators.
I do not own anything in the video, no copyright infringement intended.


  1. hope you guys will like it. I love putting different tracks together and I had to do one with symphonic tracks.

  2. Em-Ost
    happy new year and good luck in your career

  3. I can listen to this all day. What a wonderful piece of work. Thnx so much for such amazing soundtracks…

  4. This make me alive..
    Thank you..!

  5. Could anyone tell me the name of the ost when haise shows up to fight orochi in ep 1 ?…the same ost is repeated in r.e part 2 when ayato is standing outside cochlea with banjo and his gang before their raid.

  6. I’d wish :Re was as good as its soundtrack…

  7. es bellisimo :`v

  8. wow this mix . is great . yutaka yumada’s work on TG and the soundtrack in general is something else

  9. Whats the song that plays in the start of Tokyo ghoul:re 2nd Season PV, before the opening part

  10. Can someone tell me the OST playing in the background during the Rushima battle at season 4 where it showed all the fights and Amon then it went to eto speaking to Tatara

  11. Can you make it downloadable ?

  12. This is Perfect

  13. Say what you will about the anime, but the OST is fantastic

  14. nice one

  15. “This is my last tokyo ghoul video” XD You lier . But can’t complain . Good to see you active . I was gonna say you put together the parts I like . But I liked everything so xD

  16. Cool