This is my piano cover of the opening of the second season from Tokyo Ghoul:re, katharsis by TK from Ling tosite sigure.
I guess I’m a little late with this one ahaah

Hope you like it!

Thanks to Eddie van der Meer for filming this video!
He makes some great fingerstyle guitar covers, go check him out!



  1. Nice to see you back on the subscription feed man!
    Really amazing both the arrangement and the cinematics ^^

  2. Wondeeeeerfuuul!
    I do not know much about the piano but it was very nice!
    I can cry through your this Katharsis cover!!
    Thank you so much!covering this song!

  3. love that you did a full cover keep it up

  4. Man… eddie and u post at the same time giving me trouble to choose

  5. Great!!!!

  6. Nice one! Very beautiful

  7. Omg KATHARSIS AND FULL TOO, this is amazing , you’re so cooooooooool ,AND those eyes at the end, SOOOO Cooool.

  8. Your so great at doing this piano cover i love it so much

  9. full version <3

  10. Yo this is dope! I subscribed

  11. Love this. It’s really giving me feels cuz tokyo ghoul juz ended 🙁 Anyways great job!❤

  12. Love it ,!!!!

  13. erg mooi gr rogier

  14. Amazing as usually

  15. Agaiin … I request spice n wolf op, once u do it ,i subscribe

  16. Y like

  17. Notification gang!!

  18. Very good! Well done!

  19. This is actually really good!

  20. Underrated

  21. Finally a video hahhahaha

  22. Slick af mah dude