Yakusoku no Neverland
Title: Touch Off – by UVERworld



  2. It’s so bizarre seeing this finally get animated after following it for almost 2 years now.

  3. This is gonna be the next big anime.

  4. Yes

  5. The first arc is gonna be CRAZY. Manga readers stand up

  6. Best song of the season

  7. 2018: I KEEP MY IDEALS
    2019: Nananana~

  8. The animation of the whole thing went way beyond my epectations.

  9. *I KEEP MY IDE—*
    oh wait this is not MHA

  10. 2019 is really going to be an amazing year for uprising anime. We already got Promised Neverland and Mob Psycho S2 with amazing openings and premieres, and we still have One Punch Man S2, Dr. Stone, and My Hero Academia S4! What a glorious year of anime this will be!

  11. So on my 40 something time listening to this song just give me the full version already

  12. The sax is back!

  13. 1:09 that smile… WE MUST PROTECT IT!!

  14. This is gonna be the next big thing

  15. I had chills while watching this amazing opening! I even dare to say, it’s one of the best opening songs from uverworld.

  16. クッッッッッソかっけぇぇえええええええええええ!!!!!!!!


  17. 1:17 just look at that devlish smile at the right. Such pure evil !

  18. やばい、かっこよすぎ‼︎

  19. Somebody else thinks that Emma is the anime version of Annie? Best opening of the year btw!

  20. 2019: *Na na na na na*

  21. If you haven’t read the manga, please avoid reading any comments. This anime is full of unexpected twists, so the last thing you’d want is spoiling the whole thing, right?

  22. 1:14 only those who read the manga know why those childrens are standing there like badasses. Best opening of the year!

  23. We are very pleased from the beginning of the year. Why? Because we can share feelings through this exciting animation with everyone in the world on a weekly basis! ! !:)

  24. This song is a banger! So hyped this anime is getting adapted. Anime onlys will enjoy this one!

  25. Hope the promised never land gets super popular

  26. I went into this blind… ohhhh i wasn’t prepare, i mean there were hints and all but the sudden shift in tone was just… and i’m glad, instantly hooked.

    This op can be missleading and it’s great for it, the first episode is a masterpiece, amazing first impression.

  27. someone should make a meme about nanananananananana…