Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 176


  1. It’s sad how much I can relate to Furuta.
    He never got past his existential crisis, which is pretty depressing.

  2. This was a great chapter IMO.
    I bet Ishida loves Furuta.
    I love how this is going, thinking that Tokyo Ghoul started with Kaneki, Furuta and Rize, and Tokyo Ghoul:re is ending with Kaneki, Furuta and Rize…
    I’m pretty sure that there would be a part 3 though.

  3. With a small amount of chapters left in :Re it’s pretty much confirmed that part 3 is on the way. There’s absolutely NO WAY Ishida could wrap up the entirety of TG in that short time of a time frame. Don’t get me wrong, the man is pretty freaking amazing when it comes to storytelling but if he were to do that then it would be one of those forced cheesy endings you’d see in other series.

  4. This arc is Bleach rushed. The main villain of the series dies like that? There is no way considering eto who is missing her head lived so he can survive blood loss. And that is the motive he has. Idk, in the last few chapters how easily Furuta and Uta went down its weird to me since they were hyped up so much. He was one of my favorite characters , and i felt absolutely no bit of emotion towards the shit i just read in my personal opinion, mainly because he has always been a psycho troll and should have went down like that, the whole normal life is a contradiction considering everything he caused, and we dont know why he did it. There is no way he is gonna rush this with Rize, if he does then this series is gonna end massively dissapointing. Gonna miss watching your reactions to this tho if thats the case. Seriousness aside, am i the only one who thinks Rize looks just like his Mom except younger? Which is kind of twisted a bit if you think about it cause he was attracted to her lol.

  5. Am i the only one who wants a part 3 to discuss the creation of the ghouls? I mean what was the point of the naga and other shit introduced recently? It doesnt make sense unless there is a part 3. They can have ghouls in other parts of the world.

  6. What if ishida is building his MCU with TG. Kaneki being one story and ever other work of ishida being a different character in the TG universe.

  7. Wow I don’t know if this is plausible , but the chap 174 page 18 it is like furuta opens his eyes to the life he could’ve led and this chapter page 17 is symbolistic of him closing his eyes to that life and dream

  8. Chapter -3.

  9. There are few plot holes in TG:re and some unresolved plot points. The plot holes are very few and can be fulfilled by spin-offs. So, I am scared that we won’t get a part 3.

  10. Inuyashiki vibes are real. If this is the end, I kinda fear for Kaneki lol

  11. if you reread it it seems like futura is also talking to himself

  12. After kaneki said no, he finished furuta off. You can see dagger like things sticking out of him. RIP Furuta!!