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Tokyo Ghoul OP – Unravel
東京喰種-トーキョーグール- OPENING – UNRAVEL

My first Tokyo Ghoul OP arrangement was 3 years ago. The acoustic version, 8 months ago. Now, the Unravel full version arrangement!

High quality audio on Spotify right now!

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Sheet archive on my website!
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Piano arrangement by Tehishter

Original song:
Composed, Arranged and Performed by TK from Ling tosite sigure

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  1. My first Unravel cover was 3 years ago, the 2nd season Acoustic version 8 months ago, now the full version. From these three years, in my perspective a lot has changed – not just technique, but I think the meaning behind how I play the notes have improved a bit also, and I’m really proud of it!

    For those who stuck around for these three years, thank you for your support – and for those who are new, I hope you can enjoy my past and future videos~

  2. I have been watching, learning, and enjoying you’re piano compositions and creating my own since 2013. I was a lost 11 year old with no purpose. then I found you, Animenz, Navorone boo, Marasy 8, F.B. Piano Anime, Violin X Viola, xclassicalcatx… etc. But, most importantly, you opened the door to my passion for anime. It may sound silly to some, but I don’t know where I’d be without: Re: Zero, Anohana, Is The Order A Rabbit, Erased, Your Lie in April, Akame ga kill, and many more. Thank you from one of many people whom’s lives you gave purpose.

  3. :reアニメ化決定おめでとう!


  4. いつも見てます!これからも頑張ってください!!!
    I’m Japanese.I always moved by your video!!
    Best of luck!

  5. AwwwwwwwwwA

  6. I like how the video looks like it was on a fast forward on chorus parts.

  7. you are starting to get more animenzer and animenzer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. worse than before. but still good

  9. I’m a simple person I see Unravel I watch

  10. amazing job a lot of parts definetly imroved but i personally like more the old version more

  11. (….just when I finished learning the old Unravel….)

  12. Why… *sniff* would people dislike this… this is so beautiful…..

  13. I’m sorry…
    But I can’t help to compare this with Animenz’s.
    I’ve been doing that for every Unravel cover.
    And I’ll say the same as always, Animenz’s is better.

    But still, this is absolutely amazing. It’s not EXTREMELY hard but it’s so beautiful.

  14. Amazing to see how much you’ve grown since I started watching you back in 2012 and how much you have inspired me to continue with the piano.

  15. Nice, enjoying the full version

  16. Hell of an amazing job, man!! You’re fucking awesome!!!

  17. Now all that’s left is for you and animenz to do a duet to this

  18. How to watch a Theishter video:

    1. Like
    2. Listen
    3. Cry (No. This is not optional.)
    4. Make another Google account and repeat.

  19. 75 people forgot to turn on the volume

  20. Legit cried when I found out there was gonna be a season 3, I am so happy

  21. Please do soairo days next, it’s the gurren lagann opening and i really think it’s worth it

  22. Another amazing cover of an amazing song

  23. The smooth glasses push up at 3:44

  24. Theishter I am amazed time and time again about ur love for what u do and how it is reflected in all ur works, especially this one. I hope one day i would be able to reach there.

  25. Got to say that I love you man. I really do.

  26. AAAAHHHH! you’ve improved by so much!!!! AHHHHHHHH

  27. Been awhile since I had a eargasm

  28. At first I thought I was watching Animenz……

  29. So jealous and amazed by your talent at the same time. Thank you for inspiring me to start up piano and keep doing what you do <3